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AGP Comic Starter Pack A

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Not sure which of our awesome comic titles to read first? The American Gothic Press Comic Starter Pack is for you! You'll get the first issue of each of the following titles:

  • GUNSUITS by Paul Tobin and PJ Holden - Dimension-hopping sci-fi with tentacle monsters!
  • BORNHOME by Paul Tobin and Jeff Johnson - Space opera with strange children and ghouls!
  • BROKEN MOON by Steve Niles and Nat Jones - Monsters fight for dominance after nuclear war!
  • PROJECT NEMESIS by Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank - Kaiju are real and there's one loose in New England!

In this value pack, you get all of these first issues for half the price of what they'd normally cost. Both BROKEN MOON and PROJECT NEMESIS sold out at the distributor level, so CaptainCo is the only place to get new copies.