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Bob Eggleton Green Cthulhu Tee

$24.99 - $34.99
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Multiple Hugo Award winner Bob Eggleton has a thing about Cthulhu. He paints him quite a lot, along with Lovecraft's other creatures, Godzilla, dinosaurs, krakens, and things with tentacles. Here is one popular Cthulhu rendition featuring the Old One emerging from the ancient green city of R'lyeh. So many bold colors, it'll match your outfit no matter what it looks like! Just don't dream too much. We all know what happens after unsettling dreams...


Bob Eggleton: "I was always attracted to monsters when I was young. Godzilla, Ray Harryhausen's creatures, etc. This was always from a very young age. Living in an around Providence naturally drew me to HP Lovecraft's dark imagination and, working with author Brian Lumley who has worked in the HPL universe, it drew me in further. Despite working on such filmwork as Jimmy Neutron, The Ant Bully and Star Trek, I find it balances my darker side well. Drawing monsters was always my forte from the start, and of course reading Famous Monsters in the 1970s only reinforced this.."

  • Fitted Cut with Digitally Printed Design
  • 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, inside out

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