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Famous Monsters of Filmland #271 - Doctor Who

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In Issue 271, FM pays tribute to one of cinema's most legendary monster makers: Ray Harryhausen. From friendly mechanical owls to misunderstood Venusians to giants bent on death and destruction, Harryhausen took lumps of clay breathed life into them, imbuing each with a unique soul. Films like JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, the SINBAD series, 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH, and CLASH OF THE TITANS made him a legend. Plus, take a journey through a half century in the WHOniverse! We have a look at how the longest running Sci-Fi show got started, writers and artists making a case for their favorite Doctor, and a history of the widely underappreciated series of DOCTOR WHO audio dramas. With DOCTOR WHO cover by Simon Thorpe.