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Famous Monsters of FIlmland #272 - Sci-Fi History

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With the passing of Richard Matheson, the genre world lost one of its titans. From literary works and films like I AM LEGEND, A STIR OF ECHOES, and HELL HOUSE to TV classics like William Shatner's episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, Matheson was a writer who could work brilliantly in any medium. Famous Monsters #272 looks at his life, work, and influence, and includes special memorials from members of his surviving family. Issue 272 also takes a look at the long and wonderful history of science fiction literature. Our founding editor wasn't nicknamed "Mr. Sci-Fi" for nothing! In honor of Forry's greatest love, we hit the high points and see how it all evolved, from Wells to Asimov to Crichton and beyond.

With Sci-Fi History cover art by Jason Edmiston.