Once again, our annual Kaiju issue. In FM 274, we celebrate 60 years of Godzilla. We'll look at every film in the series, all culminating in an exclusive interview with Gareth Edwards, director of the newest Warner Bros. film GODZILLA. August Ragone, Kaiju expert and author of EIJI TSUBURAYA: MASTER OF MONSTERS, brings his expertise to our pages once again. Plus, interviews with WORLD WAR Z author Max Brooks, Sergei Lukyanenko talks the latest in his NIGHT WATCH series, and a look at Hiroshi Sakurazaka's ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, adapted into the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster EDGE OF TOMORROW.  Plus, breaking down ATTACK ON TITAN! Featuring GODZILLA (1954) cover by Bob Eggleton with authentic Japanese lettering translating to GODZILLA: 60 YEARS OF DOMINATION.

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