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Famous Monsters Underground

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Welcome to Famous Monsters Underground, the newest addition to the FM magazine family! Famous Monsters Underground is a celebration of all that was good about the 80's — creepy campouts, imperiled babysitters, and nightmares made flesh. We chat with film legend John Carpenter about his classic horror flicks and his return to the director's chair; chronicle the rise of shock rock; and pick Tom Savini's brain about the 80s FX makeup revolution. We talk vampires and remakes with FRIGHT NIGHT and CHILD'S PLAY writer/director Tom Holland and go behind the scenes of the 1981 cult classic THE BURNING. This issue also features exclusive contemporary content, including a revealing talk with Jack Ketchum about his new book and film, a profile of artist and tattoo legend Bob Tyrrell, a guide to the best genre sites on the internet, and much more! Featuring a caricature montage cover by Paul Garner.