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Monster World #2 Incentive Cover by Nigel Sade

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What started out as a routine investigation has derailed into a dance with demons, and Barrymore is determined to find out the truth—about World Studios, about the woman calling herself Shirley, and what really happened to studio exec William Forrester, Jr. But when he sticks his nose where it isn’t wanted, Barrymore and his reporter friend Buck find themselves at the mercy of a mysterious cult that seem to have control over actual monsters!

This cover version was originally shipped to Diamond Distributors as a retailer incentive for every 10 copies ordered of the regular cover. When you collect all four MONSTER WORLD variant covers and put them together, they form a complete painting by Nigel Sade.

Written by Steve Niles and Philip Kim. Art by Piotr Kowalski and Dennis Calero. Cover by Nigel Sade.