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Shock Box Mystery Bundle - Small

$39.99 - $49.99
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SURPRISE! That's what you'll get when you get this mystery bundle. We won't give away ALL of its secrets, but we can make some guarantees about what it's got in store for you.

  • You will definitely get:
    • a t-shirt
    • a magazine
    • an autograph (from someone important! It won't just be Jason from marketing scribbling his signature on a Post-It)
    • a pin
  • The items you get will have a total value of at least $81
  • You will receive at least 6 items in your box

Sound fun for yourself? Or maybe you've got someone you need a gift for, and you have NO idea what to get them, but you know for sure they like horror and sci-fi, and you want to take the pressure off having to choose EXACTLY what to get them? This little bundle will do the trick nicely. 

No substitutions or exchanges for mystery items (with the exception of any damaged/incorrect items).