2016 marks the 100th birthday of FORREST J ACKERMAN, the founding father of Famous Monsters magazine and all-around professional Sci-Fi geek (he even coined the term Sci-Fi!). We’ll be spending the whole year celebrating his many achievements, but our major focus is going to be a graphic anthology of horror, Sci-Fi, and fantasy stories brought to life by Forry fans and Monster Kids. The anthology will be a hardbound, 200+-page extravaganza bringing together stories and art from creatives Cullen Bunn, John5, William F. Nolan, Dan Didio, Richard Christian Matheson, Bob Eggleton, Juan Ferreyra, Patrick McEvoy, and more!

Limited Edition Sanjulian Hardcover with dust jacket is 256 pages includes 20 terrorful tales, breathtaking pin-ups, exclusive concept art and even a Bonus story from Kevin Burns.
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